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For more than 45 years, INTECH has consistently provided cost-effective, customized solutions for global projects with extensive experience in power and infrastructure transactions, as well as office, retail, and residential developments. INTECH excels in representing clients' interest in their insurance and risk management programs.

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INTECH's commercial real estate presence strives on the principle of protecting the assets of global lenders, asset managers, owners and developers. 

Our portfolio is comprised of assets in mixed-use, high-rise, residential, office building, retail, hospitality, multi-family, and long-term care facilities. 

For over three decades, INTECH has been advising key stakeholders through the risks inherent in the 

design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of social and civil infrastructure projects. Our consultants are uniquely positioned to help navigate the increasingly difficult insurance market, empowering clients to focus on their broader business objectives.

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From rooftop solar to battery storage facilities, our consultants have experience working across numerous energy and renewable transactions, guiding clients throughout the lifecycle of their assets. INTECH's investment in the future begins with our commitment to optimizing our client's risk management strategy, designing risk transfer and financing solutions tailored to their risk appetite, ensuring they make well informed decisions that align with their broader business objectives.

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