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“Early Works” Coverage & Exposure

The impact of co-insurance following a loss.

Drone Risks within the Real Estate & Construction Industry – Part 2

Exploring the commercial use and ownership of drones in the Real Estate and Construction Industry.

Climate Change effects on Insurance Premiums

Are you aware of the financial hits and insurance losses that result from weather events?

Understanding the Co-insurance Provision in Commercial Property Policies

Co-insurance is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked concepts in the world of commercial property insurance.

Drone Risks within the Real Estate and Construction Industry – Part 1

The commercial real estate industry has become increasingly reliant on the utilization of unmanned air vehicles (“UAVs”), commonly known as drones.

The Changing Nature of Terror

Following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, governments, property owners, lenders, and the insurance industry alike, largely focuse their risk management efforts on…

Managing Liability Claims against third party lawsuits

How should Property Owners protect themselves from Liability Claims

Commercial Mortgage Lenders – Asserting your rights following a loss

Commercial Mortgage Lenders, are you aware of your rights?

Construction Insurance Claims: A Step by Step Guide

A step by step guide on claim reporting procedures

Subrogation and the Waiver

In our Waiver of Subrogation article featured in INTECH’s Winter Newsletter, subrogation occurs when…

Delay in start-up coverage explained

Delay in start-up coverage is designed to cover the loss of the anticipated or potential income in the event a construction project suffers physical loss or damage during construction.

Environmental Insurance Protection: Sudden & Accidental Liability vs Environmental Impairment Liability

The discovery of an unexpected pollution condition on your property can be very costly and time consuming.

Latent Defects Insurance in the UK & North America

Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) or as it has historically been known, inherent defects insurance has been readily available in the UK market since 1989.

Commercial Flood Insurance

A property insurance policy requires a property owner/manager to take all reasonable steps to minimize the effect of a loss.

Construction Insurance Program Control: What an Owner should consider

It is imperative to ensure the construction construction contract is negotiated with detailed insurance requirements, including the timing and responsibility for insurance placement and the responsibility of premium and deductible payments.

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