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Corporate Director Responsibilities for Cyber Risk Management

Cyber-attacks can be rapid, highly damaging and public, and have negative impact on investor and customer confidence, affecting an organization’s credit worthiness and exposure to civil liability.

FIRE AT A NEIGHBOURING BUILDING: How it can affect your business

On February 14th, 2017 a massive six-alarm fire destroyed a historic three-storey athletic club in Toronto and forced the evacuation of many adjacent buildings.

Insurance Relationships between Condominium Corporations and Unit Owners

With the ever increasing popularity of condominium investments and development it is becoming common for investors, stakeholders, developers and others to purchase “blocks” condominium units with the purpose of generating rental income or a return on investment.

What Project Owners Need to Know About Professional Liability on Construction Projects

Traditional property insurance policies obtained on construction projects are designed to provide insurance coverage to the owner of a project, and other stakeholders involved, for direct physical loss or damage to the property from any fortuitous loss, subject to usual policy language, conditions, and exclusions.


If you have been involved with an insurance claim or a contract negotiation of any nature, you have undoubtedly come across the term “subrogation”. But what is subrogation?

Computer Crime

As technology evolves there are new ways of cracking firewalls and creatively defrauding the system.

Replacement Cost Policies versus Actual Cash Value Policies

Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value are two common methods by which insurance companies will calculate the amounts it will pay the insured for property losses.

Protecting a company when employees use their personal vehicles on company business

If employees use their personal vehicles on company business, do they need to be added to the company’s automobile policy?

Total Completion versus Substantial Completion

The issue of relying on Substantial Completion as a coverage termination date is that construction activity often continues on site for several months after substantial completion has been reached.

Developers Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability Insurance

Historically design and contractor roles were clearly defined, with design errors covered under a design professional’s Errors and Omissions policy.

The Ever-Evolving Performance Security Market: A look at the P3 bond

Performance security on P3 projects in Canada has been rapidly evolving over the past few years.

What Happens When Things Go Wrong? – CCPPP Conference 2016 Panel

When asking a P3 developer to discuss what happens when things go wrong the response we often receive is – “Nothing ever goes wrong!” The truth, of course, is that some projects do have issues.

To Insure or Not to Insure? Examining the Pros and Cons of Insurance Procurement for P3 Projects

Authorities who are embarking on their P3 journey have a number of factors that need to be examined.

Soft Costs coverage is important for all Builder’s Risk policies

Soft costs are important because they cover the costs and earnings lost by any delays or interruptions of service.

Pollution Risks for Renewable Energy Projects

One may believe pollution risks and environmental impairment liabilities are associated with big polluting industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing facilities or coal-fired power plants. But in fact, they are not contained to these industries…

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