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NEW SERVICE: Claims Management Services During Construction

INTECH Risk Management Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our new Claims Management Service for Sponsors of Public-Private Partnerships.

Projects under construction are inherently risky making insurance claims a common occurrence.  Following an incident involving property damage or bodily injury however, the reporting of an insurance claim is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.  These events can be very dramatic and overwhelming for those involved, so mistakes are easily made that can negatively impact the project.  As such, it is critical that Sponsors know how to react quickly and appropriately to claims in order to minimize their potential liability and financial loss.

There are many variables to consider when managing claims, but timing and expertise is everything!  INTECH’s team of experts can help you manage the claims process efficiently from the moment the Consortium is selected until the Total Completion phase of the project.

As the Sponsor’s claims management service provider, INTECH will handle all claims reporting on behalf of the Consortium and advocate on their behalf in the event of a coverage dispute.

With INTECH acting on their behalf, the Consortium benefits from the advice and efficient management of claims by independent and experienced advisors with in-depth knowledge of the project insurances.

The Claims Management Team will provide the following services to the Consortium:

  • Develop Claims Reporting Guidelines;
  • Provide training seminars on the Claims Reporting Guidelines to project staff;
  • Report all claims to broker and or insurers on behalf on the Consortium;
  • Advocate on behalf of Consortium for disputed claims;
  • Keep record of all claims and settlement outcomes;
  • Document, negotiate and settle claims on its behalf in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner;
  • Provide assistance in the implementation and management of risk control programs to help mitigate the Consortium’s risk exposures (i.e. incident report forms.)

INTECH has worked for sponsors, lenders, and authorities in numerous transactions across the infrastructure industry. As such, INTECH is intimately familiar with the coverages and insurance policies offered by different carriers. With decades of construction claims expertise to advocate on behalf of the Consortium, INTECH provides a thorough and efficient solution designed to minimize the Sponsors’ total cost of risk.

To learn more about this service, please contact Ariana Dalie, Director, Lender Insurance Services.


Director, Lender Insurance Services





INTECH Risk Management (“INTECH”) is an independent insurance consulting company involved in the analysis, design, development, implementation and management of insurance programs. INTECH does not sell insurance, nor is it affiliated with any insurance company or brokerage.  This unique independent position in the marketplace enables our consultants to avoid conflicts of interest and provide our clients with unbiased, expert advice. INTECH has been the 2015 and 2016 winning recipient of the IJGlobal Americas Due Diligence Provider of the Year Award.

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