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Major Project Advisory

INTECH has been involved in hundreds of high profile construction projects around the world.

Whether in support of the owner, developer, contractor, or government, INTECH has extensive experience guiding key project stakeholders through the various risks inherent in the design, construction, financing and maintenance of new and existing facilities.  From roads and railways to high-rise office towers and hydroelectric dams, INTECH understands how to negotiate, design and implement appropriate and cost-effective insurance programs that meet the needs of the project.

INTECH’s primary role in any project, of course, is to protect our client.  To achieve this goal, INTECH utilizes a simple proven process that begins by educating the client about their risks and explaining the various risk management tools and insurance products available to address these exposures. During this process, INTECH works closely with the client to assess and understand their tolerance for risk and then customizes an approach to risk that best suits their specific needs and wishes.  From there, INTECH utilizes its intimate understanding of the insurance marketplace to obtain the most competitive pricing available on the placement of any insurance policies. The end result being an educated risk taker with a cost-effective insurance program tailored to suit their unique risk appetite.

To view a list of INTECH’s recent project experience, please visit our projects page.

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