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INTECH Risk Management’s services not only span the globe, but also a myriad of industries. Our team of Risk Management Professionals work in the following industries regularly, and are experts in many more…

  • Real Estate. INTECH’s early days in Risk Management were centred around supporting the Real Estate industry. Since then, we have continued to build our team of experts, knowledge and techniques to support the industry today, and for the future. See our work.
  • Construction. INTECH advises lenders, lawyers, contractors and owners on over $10B of construction annually, ranging in size from small multi-unit residential developments to billion dollar infrastructure projects. See our work.
  • Renewable & Natural Resources. From energy to mining, INTECH has the experience necessary to guide key stakeholders through the various risks inherent in the construction, operation and maintenance of natural resources gathering plants, including power generation and mineral extraction. See our work.
  • Healthcare. INTECH has assisted numerous health care providers and long-term care facility operators develop comprehensive strategies to efficiently manage the unique risks inherent in their operations. See our work.
  • Infrastructure. INTECH has experience advising lenders, governments and developers on over 100 large infrastructure projects around the world, including but not limited to bridges, schools, hospitals and rapid transit systems. See our work.
  • Not for Profit. INTECH is proud to have assisted several significant not-for-profit organizations review and develop cost-effective and meaningful risk management programs to protect the Directors and Officers, as well as their volunteers, from the various risks facing the organization. See our work.
  • Hospitality. From entertainment venues to accommodation facilities, INTECH advises sport teams, concert promoters and financial institutions on the most effective way to manage the risks associated with their organization and the facilities they operate. See our work.
  • Public Sector. Climate change, technology advancement and population growth continue to stress existing infrastructure. INTECH provides Consulting and Financial Services to support every level of government and every form of Public-Private-Partnerships. See our work.
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